Return to Work Document – 15.07.2021

In line with the Government’s Roadmap to ease restrictions, below is a breakdown of what has been put in place for your safety by the business and what is required of you to ensure the safety of others. This needs to be read, understood, and agreed to before you return to the office.

What we will do:


  • Hourly sanitisation checklist will be carried out of high contact areas
  • Daily sanitisation checklist will be carried out of the whole building
  • Weekly fogging will be carried out throughout the entire building
  • Antibacterial wipes and hand sanitiser will be available in all work and communal areas in the building for additional cleaning of equipment, appliances, and touch points
  • If a staff member informs us of a positive COVID-19 test, we will organise a deep clean of the affected persons desk space and where deemed necessary we will respond by chemically
    fogging the entirety of the building.


  • Continue to enforce all staff and visitors to wear face coverings when entering, exiting, and moving around the office
  • Encourage an “Open Window Policy” to promote fresh air ventilation around the office
  • Keep the number of visitors to the site to a minimum
  • Face to Face meetings will be kept to a minimum and promoted to be taken outside or
  • Doors will be kept open to avoid them having to be opened

What we need you to do:

  • Wash your hands regularly throughout the day
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser before and after touching door handles and any communal areas
  • Clean all IT equipment on your desk at the end of each day and maintain a clear desk policy
  • Make your own refreshments. Wash your hands before and after touching any communal facilities such as milk or the water boiler. Cleaning materials will be provided to sanitise this
    surface, ready for the next person to use.
  • Continue good hygiene practices including ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’


  • Keep us up to date with any support you may need during this time either through your line manager or to HR directly
  • Identify yourself to HR and management if you are within the ‘vulnerable’ category
  • Notify us immediately if you or a member of your household presents with symptoms of COVID-19 or is self-isolating
  • In line with Government testing, if you exhibit symptoms, we will ask you to self-isolate for 10 days and follow the process for ordering a test
  • The NHS Test and Trace system will contact anyone who has had ‘close contact’ with
    someone who has received a positive test result. If you are contacted by the NHS you MUST declare this to your line manager, regardless of whether you are exhibiting symptoms or not, and self-isolate for as per the guidance.

Respecting Each Other:

  • Whilst the social distancing restrictions are being lifted, you should continue to limit the close
  • contact you have with those you do not live with. Please respect other people’s personal space.

  • Adhere to the max. numbers that are advertised in communal spaces
  • Optimise the outdoor space during your lunch break i.e. walk with your colleagues and eat outside in the picnic areas provided
  • Smokers:
    • Cigarette smokers are to use the smoking shelter (2 people max.)
    • Vapers are to use the car park while maintaining social distancing
    • Smoking breaks will be allocated
    • Please refrain from sharing cigarettes and maintain hand washing when returning from your break


  • Bring your own lunch except where unavoidable and provide your own cutlery. Disposable plates will be available upon request
  • Unless absolutely required please do not car share with members of a different household. If you have no alternative, then we ask that you keep 2 people to a car and 1 is seated in the driver’s seat and the other in the rear
  • Support each other with complying with these rules. This isn’t a normal situation and it is counter to our usual Company atmosphere, but it is important that we prioritise our duty of care to one another during this time Please contact line management for access to the full risk assessment which highlights our measures
    in further detail. Please note this an ongoing situation and as guidance changes, we will adapt this accordingly.

If you have any concerns or suggestions, you are encouraged to contact to discuss matters with our Facilities team.